Our Origin Story


Hair has always been my thing. Back in the day, growing up in the Bronx, I was the girl most likely to switch it up. Many called me a chameleon, primarily because of my hair. I wore it natural, relaxed, short, long, in braids… you name it, I probably rocked it and likely even styled it myself. 

Years later, I had my first child. And as a Black mom, I knew instinctively the dreaded consequence of my daughter sleeping on cotton pillowcases: moisture absorbed into cotton makes our hair dry, frizzy, brittle and extra tangled. I gave my daughter a satin hair bonnet for bedtime to protect her gorgeous coils from drying out, but she wasn’t having it. (And I totally got it. I was the same way at her age. Though in time, I came to respect and embrace this beauty ritual of our ancestors, passed down from mothers to daughters for centuries.)

Rad Royals Founder CEO Nicole Malcolm-Manyara

In the morning, it was on me to revive her hair. The amount of zhuzhing and restyling required was absolutely next level, a process that on any given day might involve a shelfful of product, as well as physical acrobatics just to keep her still. Who has time for that?! 

I had to find a way to get both of our days off to a happier start. 

My search for a modern solution – something that would celebrate her beauty, be responsibly made, and put a smile on her face – came up empty. 

So I created it.

In the working world, I’d spent over twenty years in the media, consumer products and food industries, developing and launching brands you know. Now it was time to launch a brand of my own. Say hello to Rad Royals!

I made Rad Royals for my daughter, for her baby sister, and for all of our kids. Satin pillowcases, sized to comfort their kid-size heads, and designed to help keep their crowns of curls, coils, zigs and zags soft, juicy and healthy.

Healthy for them, and healthy for our planet. 

With love,


Nicole Malcolm-Manyara
Founder & CEO